Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts by John Piper

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts by John Piper

This Audio sermon explains “Seven glimpses of God in Isaiah’s Vision”



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The God of Holiness and Hope by John Piper

The God of Holiness and Hope, John Piper

Understand more about God in the throne room and His Holiness. A sermon (video or audio) and transcript.


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The Seven Deadly Sins – SLOTH


This is the first sermon in a series looking at the Seven Deadly Sins. This sermon looks at the sin of sloth showing that both laziness and busyness can be forms of sloth when we are not passionate for Christ.

Click on this link to take you to the source of this sermon.

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7 Mistakes that we Make in Womens’ Bible Study

A good article on how to keep your womens’ bible study focus on Christ. Some good study guides are also mentioned.

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Photos from the Journaling Tea

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Journaling with Joy!


Recently, we held another tea for our ladies group at Heritage Baptist, Joyful Womanhood. The theme this time round was Journaling and the talk was given by Maureen Beetge of Brackenhurst Baptist Church in Alberton. The day was beautiful and about 25 ladies gathered to hear about this spiritual discipline.

We were so blessed to have an experienced journal writer lead us in how to use journaling for the purpose of godliness. She showed us that writing about your thoughts and life can be a discipline but it doesn’t have to be chore. In fact, she said we can use this outlet as a means to “pour out your hearts to Him, for He alone is your refuge” (Psalm 62:8).

She highlighted some key goals to remember in this art. For example, she told us that it can be an aid to self understanding, meditation, expression, remembering the Lord’s works and creating a spiritual heritage. She also warned against becoming overly introspective and instead reminded us to use journaling our thoughts and life to identify our sins and shortcomings and to serve others.

Maureen also showed us how the style of journaling that we want to try is really up to us. Some options included scrapbooking and taking photographs to fill your diary’s pages. She also noted that we don’t have to write an entry everyday but rather do it as it suits our life. Perhaps we only want to practise it through certain phases or travels in our lives. We may also want to use it through certain difficulties or trials and we should let our pages be filled with scripture to bring us back to the promises of God.

Finally, we were reminded that we need to enjoy our Journaling and use it to the glory of God. As a group we were definitely inspired by the session and left with a new way to draw nearer to Jesus Christ in the pursuit of becoming godlier women.

Written by Ainsley Haag

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Listen to this exposition of Luke 10:25-37. An in depth look at the parable that we know as “The Samaritan”.  I love how I was able to see and love Christ more from understanding this passage a little bit more. I hope that it will cause you to grow in your love for Christ too!

Neighbors by Timothy Keller: (Click on the link below)


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